An simulation of the farm's digital twin under loading.

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At the core of Kelson Marine is innovation, based on fundamental and applied research. Our success is based on our seasoned, on-the-water experience and our thorough understanding of hydro and structural dynamics.

Kelson Marine develops and applies state-of-the-art simulation tools and numerical modeling approaches to accurately design and evaluate novel marine structures. We put our methods to the test by deploying prototypes under the ocean to validate structural designs, reduce risk, decrease costs, and maximize success. Our independent verification methods generate highly accurate answers to key questions of design and risk, which translates to financial and project success for our clients.

Who We Are

From the fjords of Norway to Pacific kelp forests to conference stages, Kelson is at the forefront of modern ocean engineering.

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Kelson Marine applies model-based engineering principles in the context of rigorous design methodologies to provide:

  • Structure design and component specification of complex ocean structures
  • Engineering analysis 
  • Technical advising for impact investors
  • Mooring analysis and design
  • Optimization for maximum performance and minimum CapEx and OpEx, while ensuring safety and survivability
  • Aquaculture design

They have been really instrumental in alleviating some of the concerns of the regulatory agencies, which ultimately allowed us to get a permit.

Eliza Harrison
Ocean Rainforest

Proof-of-Concept Feasibility Studies

  • Verification of compliance with international standards and guidance
  • Third-party review and certification of ocean structures for insurance providers and portfolio managers: review by Licensed Professional Engineers
  • Due diligence analysis for investors and startups in ocean arrays, farms, and technology

Risk Management

Kelson Marine applies and helps develop international standards and guidance for the design and evaluation of systems and structures for aquaculture, marine renewable energy, and marine operations to mitigate inherent risk. Our techniques and methods have included:

  • Calculation of extreme wave, wind, and current loading
  • Identification of high-risk components and connection points
  • Assessment of risks to the ocean and marine mammal for the third-party review process

Is uncertainty about your floating ocean structure keeping you awake at night? Let’s talk.

Industries We Serve


  • Finfish
  • Shellfish
  • Macroalgae/ Seaweed 

Kelson uses field-validated tools to accurately engineer cultivation structures to:

  • Provide due diligence analysis for mariculture farms
  • Assess risk to marine mammals 
  • Prevent catastrophic failure
  • Maximize performance
  • Avoid entanglements
  • Reduce costs 

Ocean Renewable Energy 

  1. Wave Energy
    • Metocean analysis of prospective sites
    • Annual Average Energy Production (AAEP) projections for proposed technologies
    • Wave tank testing experimental design
    • System design and optimization
    • Control co-design
    • System integration
    • Prototype testing
  2. Tidal Energy
    • Metocean and tidal analysis of prospective sites
    • Annual Average Energy Production (AAEP) projections for proposed devices
    • Tow tank testing experimental design
    • System design and optimization
    • Control co-design
    • System integration
    • Prototype testing
  3. Floating Offshore Wind
  • Mooring analysis, design, and optimization
  • Digital twins of floating offshore wind systems in FAST, OpenFAST, and Orcaflex
  • Control co-design

      4. Floating Solar

  • Mooring analysis, design, and optimization
  • Array layouts and spatial optimization
  • Digital twins of floating solar arrays

Heavy Lift and Marine Operations

  • Safe lifting analyses
  • Calculation of probable weather windows based on motion thresholds 
  • Calculation of required number of contingency days to achieve required operations with 95% - 95% confidence, based on historical metocean data

Marine Infrastructure

  • Floating barrier design and de-risking
  • Mooring design and analysis for floating docks, slips, and marinas

Oceanography and Sensing

  • Mooring design for ocean data buoys. 
  • Design-of-experiments-based optimization of mooring arrangements for ADCPs, wave buoys, and ocean sensors.
  • Coastal hydrodynamic/tidal modeling

Ocean Carbon Dioxide Removal

  • Feasibility studies for Marine CDR (mCDR)

From here you can see the tide turn like a door on its hinges. We’re just going out. Do you want anything from the ocean?

Robert Dunn

We needed someone who could run an analysis of our mooring system and anticipate issues in our design. Kelson Marine was able to do that for us.

Dr. Wyatt Felt
Riverine Tech
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