Engineering that works in the wild.

Kelson Marine partners with you to solve the challenges of producing food and energy in the unrelenting ocean.

Born on New England’s working waterfront, Kelson combines advanced engineering tools and firsthand experience on the sea to deliver innovative and reliable systems.


  • Innovate

    At the core of Kelson Marine is a deep understanding of hydro-/structural dynamics. Kelson both develops numerical modeling approaches and applies state of the art simulation tools to accurately evaluate and design novel marine structures.

    • Proof-of-concept and feasibility analyses
    • Fundamental and applied research
  • Design

    Kelson applies model-based engineering principles in the context of rigorous design methodologies.

    • Mooring analysis and design
    • Engineering analysis of complex ocean structures
    • Optimization for maximum performance and minimum CapEx and OpEx, while ensuring safety and survivability
  • De-Risk

    Kelson Marine both develops and applies international standards for the design and evaluation of systems and structures for aquaculture, marine renewable energy, transportation, and marine operations.

    • Calculation of extreme wave, wind, and current loading
    • Identification of high-risk components and connection points
    • Verification of compliance with international standards and guidance
    • Component specification
    • Third party review, lender’s engineer, owner’s rep


  • Aquaculture
    • Finfish
    • Shellfish
    • Macroalgae
  • Marine Hydrokinetics
    • Wave Energy
    • Tidal Energy
  • Floating Offshore Wind
  • Floating Solar
  • Heavy Lift and Operations
  • Oceanography and Sensing
Kelson Marine provides research, design, and engineering services for fixed and floating ocean structures. Drawing from advances in numerical modeling and model-based engineering, and from on-the-water experience, Kelson delivers cutting-edge innovation at the speed of business.


Kelson’s core value is to treat people how you’d like to be treated. For our clients, we tell it how it is, we get things done on time, and we always listen. For our teammates, we share knowledge eagerly, we work earnestly for each other’s success, and we work toward our collective goals with autonomy and camaraderie.

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