Toby Dewhurst of Kelson Marine adjusts load cell to measure drag on seaweed farm at St. Gelais

University of New England Partners with Kelson Marine on ARPA-E MARINER Project

DOE Water Power Technologies Office selects Kelson Marine Co. and Team for Wave Energy R&D

Kelson Marine and team selected for Open-ocean Wave Energy R&D at PacWave

Dewhurst Presents on Engineering Offshore Aquaculture Structures at the World Ocean Forum in Buson

Kelson CEO Gives Invited Talk at Seagriculture 2021: Engineering Macroalgae Cultivation Structures for the Open Ocean

Kelson Marine and University of New England team members lift kelp out of the ocean to inspect it

UNE researchers study whether, for energy sector, kelp is on the way

Kelson aquamarine gradient

AOP&E Department Virtual Seminar: The Dynamics of Open-Ocean Aquaculture Structures

Kelson aquamarine gradient Interviews Kelson Marine's Toby Dewhurst Ahead of 2021 World Ocean Forum

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