Audience engagement as Dewhurst presents the exposure index

Seagriculture EU: Resolving ‘Offshore’ Aquaculture

Dewhurst shares Kelson Marine's findings with international community in Norway

Kelson CEO Toby Dewhurst shared results from the Kelson team on how a site’s exposure energy and distance from shore affected the cost of seaweed at Seagriculture EU in Trondheim, Norway. He reported the ICES Working Group on Open-Ocean Aquaculture’s recommendation to resolve ambiguity in the term “Offshore aquaculture” by distinguishing between distance from the baseline and “exposure” as measured by a physical index. Furthermore, Dewhurst showed results from field validation of predictions of forces on large-scale seaweed farms using open-source tools. Lastly, he provided results on the levelized cost of seaweed for food and carbon as informed by those validated models.

Watch the presentation

Watch the recording to hear results from Kelson Marine and collaborators on:

  1. New definitions for site exposure,
  2. Farm design insights,
  3. Validation results, and
  4. Levelized cost of seaweed cultivation for both food and carbon in large, offshore farms
Toby Dewhurst presents at Seagriculture EU 2023

" reducing uncertainty, we reduce costs while optimizing and improving structures that are safe, reliable, and economically feasible."

Toby Dewhurst

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